POS 2 Web is a 2-in-1 POS system with Website Management.

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With POS 2 Web, you can easily upload ‘Easy Populate’ your stores’ product data and images to your stores’ website with a simple click and without any additional effort.


POS 2 Web Incorporates all the features of a conventional POS

Shortcut keys and/or product lookup
Shortcut keys will allow you access to commonly sold items.
You can create your own shortcut keys


Control your inventory with barcode. You can use barcodes to scan when an item enters your stock or when you sell it.

Multiple payment methods/split payments
Allows you to split customer payment between cash, cheque and credit/Debit Card


Searchable customer database
Add customers to your database and print address labels with a suitable printer


Special Offers Feature
Set up special offers for specified periods. the system will automatically select the offer price within the special offer period and revert to normal price outside this period.

System Incorporates the following Special offer features that are fully configurable to suit your requirements:

Special Offer price on a single product

e.g. Product is 9.99, special offer 6.99

Buy 1 get 1 free

e.g. Product is 9.99, Get 2 for 9.99

(you may configure another combination e.g. Buy 3 get 1 free)


Buy 2 and get third at half price

e.g. Product is 9.99, Buy 2 @ 9.99 and third @ 4.99
(you may configure another combination e.g. Buy 3 get 4th at half price)



Buy 2 and Pay Special Price

e.g. Product is 9.99, Buy 2 and pay 14.99
(you may configure another combination e.g. Buy 3 and pay a special price)


Buy 2 or More and Pay Special Price each

e.g. Product is 9.99, Buy two or more and pay 7.99 each

(you may configure another combination e.g. Buy 3 or more and pay a special price)



Buy any 2 and Pay Special Price for each (Mix and Match)

e.g. Product 1 is 1.99, Product 2 is 1.79, Product 3 is 1.95

on special, buy any two (or more) for 1.49 each

(you may configure another combination e.g. Buy 3 and pay a special price for each product)


Create a Bundle and Sell for Special Price

e.g. Product 1 is 2.49, product 2 is 3.99, product 3 is 4.99 (total: 11.47) 
Buy this bundle for 9.99

The bundle can consist of any number of products and from any category




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POS 2 Web is no ordinary POS system. It functions as an easy to use POS system for a retail store that utilises a Barcode reader, electronic till and a receipt printer.






In  a conventional POS system, you will add your products title, description selling price and product image data to the system for selling to your retail customers. If you have an online store, you will repeat the process for each product by logging into your website. 

This is where POS 2 Web will make your work easier. You will add product data just once into your POS system and then with a simple click, using the POS 2 WEB’s unique product upload feature;  you can upload products data and corresponding images to your stores website for online selling and this is done without logging into the website.  



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