freeware, food, order, fast, pizza, kitchenmax Food Ordering Made Easy!

Fast Food Order and Deliver FREEWARE.

Kitchenmax is a user friendly, Easy-to-Use. Practical and FREEWARE software for any type of Food House to take an order and deliver efficiently.

Whether you are one of the common Pizza, Chicken or Burger house or you sell continental dishes in a restaurant, KitchenMax is the software for you.

KitchenMax, the Fast food delivery software, deals with everything related to food deliveries.
Order placement can be by a walk-in Customer or by Telephone. By making the software user-friendly, even the complicated processes ensure that food will arrive at the client as quickly as possible.


Multi-user – One establishment can install many linked terminals

Touch Screen – Use a standard touch screen to take orders (or you can use standard mouse)

CallerID feature  – For when a telephone customer calls, the number is highlighted. Their location is displayed on Google Maps.

Control Panel

  • Set Colours to your choice
  • Set Button Sizes to your choice or relative to your catalogue

KitchenMax is a software specialised in business with delivery through phone and/or internet.
KitchenMax is a perfect solution for restaurants.