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POS 2 Web is a 2-in-1 POS system with Website Management.

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With POS 2 Web, you can easily upload ‘Easy Populate’ your stores product data and images to your stores website with a simple click and without any additional effort.






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POS 2 Web is no ordinary POS system. It functions as an easy to use POS system for a retail store that utilises a Barcode reader, electronic till and a receipt printer.






In  a conventional POS system, you will add your products title, description selling price and product image data to the system for selling to your retail customers. If you have an online store, you will repeat the process for each product by logging into your website. 

This is where POS 2 Web will make your work easier. You will add product data just once into your POS system and then with a simple click, using the POS 2 WEB’s unique product upload feature;  you can upload products data and corresponding images to your stores website for online selling and this is done without logging into the website.  



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