the Masjid and Madrasah Information Database

is one of its kind desktop application to manage Students attendance and performance.

  • Database is installed on a secure server at your premisesmmims_switchboard
  • You have access to all the information at your fingertips.
  • Teachers will access records for their class using the new state of the art windows 10 tablets.
  • Mark register,
  • Record behaviour
  • Record assessment and achievement.
  • Automated SMS is sent to parents if a child is either late or absent

With one system and one interface for all, you will make a huge difference to your teaching standards by saving many man hours normally spent on administration.

You will become better at tracking child progress.

Extensive Features List:

mmims_student_databaseStudent Database

  • Childs Profile
  • Childs Photo
  • Childs Documents
  • Parent / Guardian Details
  • Emergency Contact
  • Medical Info
  • Attendance
  • Performance
  • Exam Results
mmims_person_databaseParent / Guardian Database

  • Parental Contact Details
  • Show relationship to children
  • Show Associated contacts
  • Show Invoice History
  • Show SMS History
  • Define Classroom names and locations
  • Define Course, Class Capacity, Gender
  • Set Class Fee for period suited to your establishment
  • Create Payment Schedule for each course
    • Weekly
    • Fortnightly
    • Monthly
    • ½ term
    • Full term

  • Assign Child to class
  • Put Child on Waiting list/ Registered
  • Move Child between classes
  • Allocate fees
  • Print Fee Reminder
  • Send Reminder by SMS
  • Collect Fees
  • Collect Registration Fee
  • Collect Full Payment or Part Payment
  • Collect Late Payment Fee
  • Send Receipt by SMS, Email or Print
  • Chase Late payers
  • Set payment notes

  • Define Class Schedule either for one day at a time or for the whole term.
  • Create Register on Daily Basis
  • Allow allocating alternative teacher from selection
  • Mark register and set child status to Present, Late or Absent
  • SMS sent to parents on Childs Late or absent status.
  • Add notes during class session for :
    • Behaviour
    • Incidents
    • Sanitation
    • Uniform
    • Etc.

  • See Class History
  • Schedule exams
  • Set Exam Date and time
  • Print exam schedule for parents
  • Record marks and comments
  • Record teacher comments
  • Record headteacher comments
  • Auto calculation of final mark & Grade
  • Calculate punctuality
  • Print comprehensive report
  • Categorise Person Groups :mmims_role_groups
    • Management Committee
    • Masjid Members
    • Teachers
    • Weekday Teachers
    • Weekend Teachers
    • Supply Teachers
    • Examiners
    • Etc.
  • mmims_diaryDiary to record tasks and pop-up reminders
    • Periodic reminder
    • Daily, 7-Days, 14-Days, 28-Days, Monthly etc
    • Instant Pop-Up Message between staff
    • Send to Individual, to Group or Selected personnel according to their status within the establishment.
    • Receive Messages Into Database